Joe Lokteff, the big brother of Lana, writes and mixes all the music for Thirty Day Notice. He was born in Oregon but now lives in Fiji.

Joe, a Full Sail University graduate and self taught musician, is a professional music mixer and has produced and mixed a variety of bands ranging from punk to hip hop. His studio is off the grid and fully powered by the sun. Joe maintains his self-sufficient lifestyle in Fiji. After leaving the states, he never looked back. He is interested in the unordinary and enjoys reading about strange archeology, forgotten civilizations, dystopian societies both fictional and historical, world history and cataclysms.

From 2002-2006, Joe ran the music production department of Piggyback Records, which produced five excellent musical groups, including Thirty Day Notice.

After a long break from TDN to pursue other projects, today he is full speed ahead making new music for Thirty Day Notice as well as his solo project, Ghosts of Lore.